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David Cereceda


Dr. David Cereceda is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Villanova University. Prior to this, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, within the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute where he investigated with Prof. Lori Graham-Brady the dynamic fragmentation of brittle materials under extreme loading conditions. Dr. Cereceda received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2015. His Ph.D. research, performed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and University of California Los Angeles under the guidance of Prof. Jaime Marian and Prof. José Manuel Perlado, was focused on the multiscale modeling of body-centered cubic metals like tungsten. 

His current research focuses on facilitating the discovery, development, and deployment of next-generation structural and bio-inspired materials by creating and validating computational models that leverage physically-based and data-driven techniques.

Besides his passion for research and education, you can find him exploring new hikes with his family, sailing on the Bay, or playing the clarinet


Md Rajib Khan Musa


Musa's research project focuses on studying the surface effects of tungsten-based plasma-facing materials through first-principles DFT calculations. Prior to joining the M4L Lab, Musa was a postdoc in Michele Pavanello’s group at Rutgers Newark. He obtained his Ph.D. in computational condensed matter
physics from the University of Louisville, Kentucky, working with Prof. Mi
ng Yu.


Yichen Qian

Ph.D. Candidate

My current research focuses on using density functional theory to calculate the mechanical properties of structural materials. In particular, I am studying how the mechanical properties of tungsten alloys change while exposed to first wall fusion conditions. In my free time, I enjoy discovering delectable food and exploring new cooking recipes. 


Daniella Tagliaferri

Undergraduate student ME Class of 2023

Daniella Tagliaferri is pursuing an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering alongside a minor in biomedical engineering. Her interests stem from the field of prosthetics and biomechanics. As part of the M4L team, Daniella is using computational models to better understand and prevent bone fracture. Outside of her classwork, Daniella is the president of the Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society, a CEER Peer, and loves to play soccer.


Jie Peng


Jie’s project aims at understanding the temperature effect on the structure and mechanical behavior of tungsten-based plasma-facing materials. Before joining the Villanova group, Jie obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and worked as a Postdoc at Purdue, both in the area of nanoscale heat transfer. In his spare time, he likes watching soccer games, playing tennis and badminton

Jessica Hoover Headshot.jpg

Jessica Hoover

Undergraduate student 

ME Class of 2023

Jessica Hoover is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering and is interested in biomechanics. As a part of the M4L team, she is utilizing microstructural models of bone to predict fracture propagation. Outside of the lab, Jessica is the Vice President of the Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society and a member of the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. She also enjoys hiking and film photography.



Trevor Collins

Undergraduate student ME Class of 2024

Trevor Collins is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mechatronics. As part of the M4L lab team, he will be modeling metamaterials based on the structure-property relationships in adhesive ant pads. Outside of the lab, he is a member of Villanova's Formula Society of Automotive Engineers and the Ultimate Frisbee club. He also enjoys the outdoors and activities like hiking, skiing, and rock climbing.


Mary Donohoe

CEE Class of 2022

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Ryane Farrell

BS Class of 2024

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Emily Orr Headshot.JPG

Emily Orr

ME Class of 2024

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Marc Hershey

MSME Class of 2021

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Luigi Siligato

MSME Class of 2022

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Christina Till

ME Class of 2022

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Joseph Krueger

ME Class of 2021

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Emily Galik

ME Class of 2021

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Grace Sutoris

ME Class of 2022

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Dorothy Polk

ME Class of 2022

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Zach Wypych

MSME Class of 2020

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